Accurance 3D can be connected to any access control system that has the capability to accept the 6 contact outputs required.

Accurance 3D sensors must be installed at a minimum height of 2.3m

Accurance 3D sensors must be installed at a maximum height of 2.9m

Maximum coverage for a single sensor is 1.5 x 1.4m. However, larger areas can be covered by utilising additional sensors.

Accurance 3D operates via input/output functions, hard-wired into existing access control systems. As there is no data connection, at this time there is no SDK requirement.

No, Accurance 3D requires a 2 door scenario. Doors must also be outward opening. Accurance 3D is not suitable for turnstiles or revolving doors. For this application, other solutions are available from OTBV.

Yes. Bi-directional detection requires one sensor for each direction.