29 janvier 2019

Nouvelle gamme de détecteurs à 180° disponible en Europe et en Afrique

La nouvelle gamme Optex WX Infinity de détecteurs extérieurs à 180 degrés arrive sur le marché. Cette série offre une détection panoramique à 180°, portée 12m, pour protéger les habitations résidentielles que les locaux commerciaux.

La série WX Infinity assure une protection plus étendue avec un seul détecteur.

Les nouveaux modèles sont construits sur l'expérience d'Optex pour fournir une performance remarquable pour la détection d'intrus à l'extérieur.

Outdoor warning technology can help prevent crimes by detecting and reporting intruders before they are breaking in the building. With this in mind the new WXI models feature a panoramic (180°) detection area coverage for protecting larger residential grounds. The WXI sensors provides two independent 90 ° 12m detection areas, one for the left side and one for the right side. The detection distance ranging from 2.5m to 12m, the sensitivity and the alarm output can be set up independently for the left and right area. For instance the left output can trigger an alarm output while the right side triggers a CCTV camera.

The WXI motion sensors benefit from Optex’s sensing analytics that filter out noises that are common in outdoor environment and also allows to distinguish between humans and small/ medium size animals thank to the Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic. The selectable pulse count gives also the option to enhance the sensor sensitivity when the ambient temperature is high.

The series comprises of two wired and two wireless models. All WX Infinity models feature a back tamper to detect if anyone is moving the sensor from the wall and the anti-masking model (WXI-AM) will alert any attempts of tampering with the lens.

“We are delighted to bring our first 180 degree outdoor PIR series to the market, it complements our existing 90 degree and curtain sensor range. We had the opportunity to present the first WXI models at Securex in South Africa in May 2018 and had a fantastic response from the security installers. We are now in a position to roll out the complete WXI series across the whole European and African and Middle East region” Hiraku Shibuya, Section Chief, Sales & Marketing Department, Security Division