Accurance 3 D

Informazioni sul prodotto

The Accurance 3D is the new Optex sensor based on TOF (Time of Flight) technology. 20.000 points of 3D X,Y, Z data are obtained calculating the distance and position using the time of the light from the light source to reflect back to the receiver, special designed CMOS imager to get a 3D range image.

Key features and benefits

• Real time 3D mapping within the FOV
• Extraction of target in complex background, even in same color and low contrast backgrounds
• Shape, position of target, moving speed and direction
• Gesture recognition
• Ability to set virtual detecting zone(s) within protected space
• Wide FOV and selectable FOV
• SDK parameters can be adjusted to fit a variety of environments


• Next generation of user interface
• Eyes of AGV, robots
• Shape recognition for baggage
• Sensing and tracking intruders
• Human counting
• Human recognition for security, safety, etc.

How it works



people-newOriginal 2D imageradar-people-newRange image (depth color image)3d-people-new3D image

For specific information on applications for this sensor, the manual or inquiries for OEM projects, please contact us: or +31 (0)70-4194100.