OPTEX’s ONVIF compliant REDSCAN Pro series, features a panoramic assistance camera and includes two models, the RLS-3060V with a range up to 30x60m and the RLS-50100V up to 50x100m. Providing highly accurate detection outdoor and indoor, the new LiDAR series has received several security innovation awards.

With the customers’ needs in mind, a series of new functionalities have been added to the REDSCAN Pro to provide additional customisation capability, helping security teams to adjust settings to the operational requirement and focus on events that really matter. The features are available with the new firmware version 2.0 which is installed by default in any newly produced units and can be retrofitted to existing units.

Dynamic event filtering

The dynamic event filtering is a new functionality allowing for alerts to be configured to meet specific detection criteria or logic. Alarms can be raised based on the sequence of zone detection or based on multi-zone detection. It uses the device’s input in combination with the detection zones to create some “AND” or “NAND” logic.

One example would be to raise alarms if an object, whose size could be specified in the settings, is entering a specific zone first then a second one. The first zone would be considered as “judgement zone” and the second as “alarm zone”. If the object doesn’t enter the alarm zone, no alarm would be triggered to the security system.

Another scenario, for instance in a logistics or warehouse environment, an intelligent logic can be created based on the height of vehicles positioned by the loading bays. Delivery lorries or trucks entering the detection zones would not trigger any alarms, but smaller vehicles such as vans or cars would trigger the system.

Optex redscan pro dynamic logic

Additional modes for the assistance camera

To make the REDSCAN Pro LiDARs suit a wider range of applications, and adapt to varying privacy restrictions, a series of new modes have been added its panoramic assistance camera module. The camera can be set in image mode, mosaic mode, which pixelates the image to make persons non-identifiable, and all black mode, to render a black screen for both viewing and recording footage.

Optex redscan pro camera modes v2

Event Log import and export

In addition, the new firmware update includes enhancements to the Event Log feature, enabling the import/export of video footage from one REDSCAN Pro sensor and replaying these detection events on another unit, further enhancing the visual verification process.

User interface

The user interface has been enhanced and now allows the dark mode.

If you would like more information about the REDSCAN Pro series and its possible applications, please contact us. Customers with the previous firmware version can contact OPTEX’s technical team for information on how to upgrade their unit.