Detect unwanted garden intruders to protect your home

To protect our home and belongings, being able to detect intruders as soon as possible is crucial. Accessing a property through the back garden or patio, is a method commonly used by burglars and intruders to help ensure they remain out of sight from passers-by and residents.

While fences and walls surrounding the property represent a physical barrier, they are usually not enough to protect against intrusion. Adding outdoor intrusion detection systems, however, provides and accurate and reliable way to detect any trespassers.

Our outdoor sensors can work with any alarm system panels or CCTV solutions, being self-monitored or monitored by security professionals. They can alert timely of an intrusion, triggering lights and cameras for visual verification, launching an audio warning and notifying the homeowner, security staff or the police, reducing considerably the risk of a break in.

OPTEX Infrared beams provide point-to-point detection triggering the alarm in the event of an intruder jumping over the fence or wall. Panoramic sensors, our WXI and WXS series enable 180-degree detection field and are perfectly suited for open garden spaces, providing independent configuration for left and right sides, for instance to avoid vegetation or other obstacles in the garden.

For along the sides of the house and its corners, 90-degree VXI Series PIRs, can provide customised detection and can now be upgraded with a camera module so the owner can instantly verify using the live view and recorded video.

High mount sensors in a private garden (installed frequently between 2.2 and 2.7m height) can be suited due to the layout of the space to be protected or for aesthetics since the sensor is out of sight. Something to keep in mind when installing a high mount sensor is that the linear detection distance to the target is not lost while maintaining a wide area, for instance protecting beyond obstacles such as garden furniture.

OPTEX sensors keep your garden and its belongings safe from burglars and unwanted intruders.

OPTEX intrusion detection sensors are available in wired and wireless models providing more versatility as they can be installed wherever they are needed and help to bring down the cost of installation. They can be added to existing or new intrusion alarm or CCTV systems.

National Home Security Month in the UK

In October, The National Home Security Month campaign is running. For one month, the focus is on protecting homes, belongings and crucially people, owners or tenants. Facts, advice and checklists will be shared throughout October and while it is a British website, it will surely resonate with security professionals throughout the world. OPTEX is supporting this initiative and will share the content.

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