23 June 2022

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In this article with the Security Journal UK, Neil Foster, Project Development Manager at OPTEX explains the importance of accurate and reliable security solutions in hospitality environments and talks about OPTEX's recent security project with a 5-star luxury hotel in London.

The importance of security within the hospitality industry should not be underestimated or overlooked. From protecting guests and staff to physical assets such as equipment, appliances, furniture, valuable items and even the hotel grounds, there are a number of factors to be considered.

Part of the Edwardian Hotels London group, The Londoner, has six restaurant and bar areas in total with expensive whiskeys, wines and other drinks on display 24/7 with no shutters or coverings. Given the cumulative value of the drinks behind each bar, the hotel needed to find a security solution to keep its valuable stocks protected. The solution needed to be accurate and reliable, and capable of integrating with the hotel’s existing security system, as well as being aesthetically discrete.

Optex rls 2020 protection edwardian luxury hotel london 2021

To protect the hotel's valuable assets, OPTEX specified and installed its REDSCAN Mini RLS-2020I laser sensor in the ceiling at each of the seven bars. Using LiDAR technology, the RLS-2020 sensors provide a customisable ‘virtual’ wall or plane that cannot be seen by the naked eye with a 95-degree detection area of 20x20m or 30m radius detection range.

The RLS-2020I creates up to four independent detection zones with just one sensor which can all be individually customized. This makes it ideal for protecting specific areas like a valuable assets such as shelves storing expensive drinks or paintings in an art gallery. The sensor can be mounted to provide either horizontal or vertical detection making it also suitable for protecting skylights or entire walls.

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