We are introducing our new long-range LiDAR series, the REDSCAN Pro to the market with one model providing 30x60m detection range and the other 50x100m. Building upon our experience and customers’ feedback acquired over the years with our existing REDSCAN range, the new series provides a number of additional features.

Optex redscan pro rls50100v rls3060v 2000px

With high resolution scanning, the sensors provide a dense detection coverage with no gaps throughout the area, being near and far.

To meet the individual needs of every site, REDSCAN PRO features intelligent multiple zones logic. This means that for each detection zone, the sensitivity, target size and output can be configured independently. One zone could be set to detect a person while another could be set to detect a vehicle for instance. One zone could be set as pre-alarm area while another could trigger an immediate response.

The REDSCAN Pro’s panoramic, 2MP assistance camera is a great tool for configuring the sensor by providing a view of the scene with a laser line. It also enables the recording of video images when an alarm is generated and save them with the event log on the device, to visually verify alarms or analyse them. The video stream of the camera can be integrated to the video management software using the ONVIF/RTSP protocol.

Additionally, the REDSCAN Pro series has been designed with a built-in bracket allowing a tilt of +5 to – 95 degree to cover all types of mounting position: horizontal, vertical and tilted.

The LiDARs are ONVIF Profile S compliant and can transmit alarms vis the protocol to any ONVIF compatible video or security systems.

Two models are available:

  • RLS-3060V: indoor/ outdoor, 30x60m range, 190⁰, resolution of 0.25⁰, PoE+, up to 8 independent detection zones
  • RLS-50100V: indoor/ outdoor, 50x100m, 190⁰, resolution of 0.125⁰, PoE+, up to 8 independent detection zones

Watch our introduction video here.