OPTEX Driveway Protection

Enhance the whole home security system by protecting the garage and the home approach with a secure driveway.

A secure driveway will enhance the whole house security system, protecting the garage and the house approach. Fences or physical barriers can deter or delay the intrusion but are not substitutes to intrusion detection sensors. The sensors can trigger lights and cameras for visual verification, can launch an audio warning to deter the intruder and most importantly can raise an alarm to notify you and the police when an intruder has trespassed the property.

It is common for small animals such as pets, foxes, squirrels and birds to pass through driveways which makes it critical that sensors installed can differentiate between humans and small animals and will only trigger the alarm when it’s a genuine intrusion. Similarly, sensors will need the logic to adapt to the environment and not raise nuisance false alarms in the event of shades from trees or temperature changes, frequent challenges in a driveway application.

In the following video we present a selection of our outdoor sensors best suited for driveway protection. They can be added to existing or new intrusion alarm or CCTV systems. It ranges from curtain sensors to secure the garage, to infrared beams for early warning of any intruders walking into the perimeter, and volumetric PIRs or dual-technology (dual-tech) detectors that keep the approach to the garage and house safe. All of our intrusion detection sensors are also available in wireless models providing more versatility as they can be installed wherever they are needed and help to bring down the cost of installation.

Protect the garage and home approach with a secure driveway.