Luxury hotels often display beautiful artefacts and valuable objects inside their lobby, bars and restaurants. Ranging from pieces of art to exclusive wines and spirits, these fine goods are there to be seen and appreciated by the guests, but they can be a target for theft. Combining aesthetics with security can be a challenge and the newest addition to the Edwardian Hotels London group found a way to solve this.

The Londoner, billed as the world’s first super boutique hotel which opened its doors in early September in the heart of Leicester Square in London, features concept eateries, a gym and spa, a cinema and a private members club.

The team at the hotel wanted its six restaurant and bar areas to be on display 24/7 with no shutters or coverings being able to showcase their extensive selection of expensive whiskeys, champagnes, and other drinks. The security team at the Londoner was looking for a solution that needed to be accurate and reliable, and capable of integrating with the hotel’s existing security system, as well as being aesthetically discrete.

Optex rls 2020 protection bar luxury hotel london 2021 1

After consulting with the OPTEX team, it became clear that the REDSCAN RLS_2020 model met all the team’s requirements.

The short-range LiDAR scanner is compact and sleek, can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and can also be custom painted. When set in high resolution indoor mode it will detect a hand, even when moving quickly, going through the virtual wall. Each of the bars is using the REDSCAN RLS-2020, mounted on the ceiling to provide a up to wall / curtain, protecting the selection of bottles, covering 20 x 20m.

Optex rls 2020 protection bar luxury hotel london 2021 2

REDSCAN is an award-winning laser technology

Laser technology works by analysing the speed, size and distance of the objects detected, meaning they track the objects within the detection area and understand the ratio size/distance of the object. This provides the ability to accurately detect a specific size of object either at distance or close up. In the event of any movement being detected, a security alarm is raised, and alerts are immediately sent to the 24-hour on-site security control room.