Laser protects call centre belfast

A Fortune 500 company needed to increase security at its Belfast call centre by protecting private areas which were only separated from the rest of the office space by partition walls. The gap between the partition and the ceiling was identified as a security risk as objects could be thrown over or even people could climb into the unauthorised area.

The installer ZEST Security, a fire and security systems specialist, recommended two Redscan RLS-2020S, our short range LiDAR to create an invisible detection curtain between the top of the partition wall and the ceiling. The sensors detect movement or objects being thrown from one side to the other and raise an alarm to the 24-hour on-site security team.

The RLS-2020S is a PoE-compliant LiDAR featuring 95 degree and up to 20mx20m detection area. Thanks to its high sensitivity and high-speed detection, it is able to detect a thrown object as small as a USB stick. The exact point of detection can also be mapped and associated to the cameras monitoring this area.

Justin Doherty, Director at Zest Security, says: “OPTEX provided us with great support and service throughout. The client was very pleased with the speed and simplicity of the installation, and is very happy with the performance of this new solution.”