2 June 2021

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Optex redscan pro warehouse protection

When designing and implementing smart solutions, it is essential that credible triggers can be created to allow accurate and relevant actions to be generated. If detection devices do not have high levels of catch performance coupled with a good degree of resilience to nuisance activations, the system will inevitably struggle to deliver the performance users expect from their investment. While a stable and efficient system generates a good return on investment, a system which suffers with false positives or which misses events can quickly become an expensive mistake.

The first thing to ensure is the detection device has been specifically designed for use in high risk applications, and is offered by a manufacturer with a credible record in the intruder detection sector. While it is relatively easy to manufacture detection sensors, it is not a simple task to produce one which is both accurate and stable. More importantly, it is critical that detectors can be installed and configured with ease to ensure correct operation.

Fit for purpose

OPTEX has optimised its LiDAR technology detection devices for security applications, and has included a number of features to ensure correct installation and configuration. The REDSCAN Pro range offers both accuracy and stability, along with flexibility when it comes to mounting the units, which can be configured for detection on both horizontal and vertical planes.

Advanced settings

It is possible to implement some advanced settings for the REDSCAN Pro. For example, inputs can be configured to take specific actions, such as switching the detection profile, setting an area or carrying out a diagnostic check on the detector itself. There is also an option to adjust the detector angle of view by up to five degrees. In terms of device security, the interface allows the addition and management of authorised users, along with ONVIF users who can view the video data.