26 April 2023

Featured in: Market Insights, Intrusion detection

Theft is a major concern for warehouses, which often contain valuable goods and materials that can be tempting targets for thieves. This was the case for a customer in Poland, who needed a highly accurate and reliable security solution for detecting and deterring intrusion in its facilities.

The customer requirement was a system that would allow the detection of any attempt of removing objects from the racks in the warehouse. Furthermore, the customer needed the system to be able to detect even the smallest objects, approximately the size of a roll of sticky tape (48mm or 2 inches).

A common challenge in warehouses is the 24/7 operation, which means the facilities are susceptible to attack any time of the day or night. The security system should provide flexibility to customise security to meet the individual needs and requirements of the site.

A challenge solved with REDSCAN Pro LiDAR

Our team visited the site for a preliminary test with REDSCAN Pro LiDAR sensors. The first step was to assess the site and its requirements. The racks that needed to be protected were 44m long and 9m high. Jacek Wójcik, Sales Director of CEE at OPTEX comments: “The challenge the customer had was to be able to detect an object the size of just a hand over the entire width of the detection range.”

Optex warehouse poland article image 1

REDSCAN LiDARs were installed at the top of the racks, mounted vertically and creating a virtual laser wall that protected the full length of the rack. The sensors were then calibrated to detect any target of hand-size or bigger; this way any presence of unauthorized personnel in the protected area or objects being removed from the racks would trigger an alarm.

Optex warehouse poland article with redscan image 2

Prior to installing OPTEX LiDARs, the customer had looked at different technologies but had not found a solution that could solve the issue of protecting small assets. REDSCAN sensors have proven to be a powerful tool for detecting and preventing theft and solving challenges where other technologies struggle.

LiDAR technology provides the highest level of detection accuracy and is a flexible security solution that can be utilized in strategic locations throughout the warehouse, indoors as well as outdoors. Mounted horizontally, REDSCAN sensors can protect rooftops, skylights, and open areas (e.g. sterile zones). Mounted vertically, inside the storage area, specific areas containing high-value or restricted-use goods can also be monitored using LiDAR technology.

In a warehouse, LiDAR technology can also be utilized in conjunction with other security measures including access control, audio alarms, and surveillance cameras. These technologies can be combined to produce a comprehensive security system that can stop theft from a variety of angles and viewpoints. LiDAR sensors, for instance, can be used to identify unauthorized access to a rack of goods or the presence of intruders in a secured area, while surveillance cameras can show visual proof of the action.