28 September 2018

REDSCAN RLS-3060 version 8.0 new features

Version 8.0 of our long-range Redscan RLS-3060 series and Redscan Manager software now come as standard and bring a number of new features. You should download the version 8.0 of the Redscan Manager software to enable the new features (contact us if you need the link).
Both RLS-3060 models have enhanced flexibility to manage dry contacts, with selectable form C outputs.

The RLS-3060L version 8.0 provides 30m radius detection range with the following new features:

  • Area allocation: on IP connection, up to eight individual detection areas can be assigned within the detection range and programmed using Redscan Manager, and four areas when using analogue connection.
  • Area masking: Non-detection areas can be assigned so the sensor ignores activity in those areas.
  • The duration of an alarm before the sensor reset is now fully adjustable.

Download the RLS-3060L datasheet

The key new feature of the RLS-3060SH version 8.0 is the extended detection range up to 50m radius. In horizontal mode the 30-50m area is ideal as a pre-warning zone as it detects objects over 60cm wide. In vertical mode it can create a 100m wide virtual wall detecting walking or squatting people.

Download the RLS_3060SH datasheet

If you would like more information on the Redscan version 8.0 please contact us.

Volumetric thermal outdoor detection for IP video systems

With the majority of CCTV systems being IP, it is important to have access to IP intrusion detection sensors.

The Redwall SIP-IP series provides a wide choice of PoE compliant, long-range, volumetric sensors to protect sites, buildings and perimeters against intrusion. All models feature two independent detection zones, far and near; some models feature a third detection area, called creep zone, looking directly under the sensor. The independent detection zones can activate a number of events such as camera pre-set position to provide visual confirmation, voice warning to deter intruders to go any further etc.

External sensors can be subject to considerable environmental changes that can affect performance. The Redwall SIP series automatically adjusts the sensitivity to adapt to the temperature and ambient lighting. The sensitivity can also be configured independently for the near and far zones, the level of detection can be adjusted depending on the intensity of the threat. To determine its detection area and mask areas these are configurable with the SIP-AT tool. The stability of the sensors has helped provide thousands of sites with a secure and effective security system, that can be easily monitored locally or via a remote video monitoring centre.

The Redwall SIP-IP series generates a Redwall Event Code to send alarm, tamper and trouble signals via ethernet. This code has been integrated into the Video Management Software (VMS), PSIM platforms or in some cases directly to the IP cameras. It allows the intrusion alarm management and visual verification to be centralised. For more information on VMS, PSIM and directly integrated camera brands, please contact us.

Tech tip: How to install a wireless transmitter onto a BX Shield

Adding our outdoor PIRs onto a wireless intrusion alarm system is simple. Our battery-operated sensors have enough space to accommodate most universal transmitters. As our sensors are very low current, the transmitter and sensor can be powered by the same batteries. A video was created to show you how to install the wireless transmitter.