8 July 2024 - Lara Velasco

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The UK is undergoing a significant telecommunications transformation with the switching off of the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

By 31 January 2027, traditional landlines will be phased out and moved to a fully digital system, and as a result, all PSTN-based services, including monitored security and monitored intruder detection from homes and businesses across all of the UK, must transition to alternative services.

How to prepare for the PSTN switch off

As the PSTN switch-off deadline approaches, it is essential to take proactive steps to ensure your monitored alarm systems remain operational:

Assess your current system

Identify components of your alarm system that rely on PSTN for communication.

Consult with your provider

Contact the alarm system provider to discuss necessary upgrades and available digital solutions.

Schedule upgrades early

Plan and schedule the installation of new communicators and any other required upgrades well in advance of the PSTN switch-off date to avoid last-minute disruptions.

    Upgrading to Olarm Smart Security

    To help UK homes and business prepare for the PSTN switch off, OPTEX is introducing the Olarm MAX, a simple to install, cost-effective smart security solution that brings 21st-century control to 20th-century security technology.

    The Olarm MAX is a Graded Dual-Path (DP) digital communicator using 4G and WiFi. The device seamlessly connects to new and existing alarm panels enabling full remote access to a state-of-the-art app, allowing for an easy way to manage compatible security systems. And with dual SIM connectivity, it ensures reliable operation even if one network fails.

    Here are some of the key benefits of the Olarm MAX solution:

    1. Simple installation

      Olarm MAX can be quickly and easily installed alongside current alarm systems without a need for extensive rewiring or system replacement. This allows users to easily upgrade existing systems rather than replacing them.

      2. Remote management and control

        The Olarm app allows monitoring and management of your security system from a smartphone, conveniently and wherever you are. Multiple properties and devices can be managed in one app, with the ability to update firmware and configurations remotely, reducing the need for on-site visits.

        3. Enhanced User Experience

        Both users and installers benefit from Olarm feature-rich and intuitive app. The app allows to customise your security experience by configuring your preferences - label appliances, attributes, and areas, incorporate images, and establish alerts and extras. Olarm MAX’s sleek and modern design is a great addition to any security panel.

        4. Protection in the event of power cuts

        Olarm is equipped with a number of features to enhance security and protect against potential physical threats or in the event of power loss. The ‘supervision loss notification’ allows the communicator to notify of any critical system failures or power cuts. And tamper protection allows the communicator to alert if someone tries to remove it.

        The PSTN switch-off marks a new era in telecommunications, offering numerous benefits and new opportunities for integration with modern technologies. Embracing these changes will ensure you stay connected and secure in a rapidly evolving digital world.


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