15 May 2013

During BAU 2013 Augmented Reality enabled us to visualize the operation of our sensors to a broad audience. This relatively new technique adds 3D illustrations to real life images, thus creating an entire new digital and interactive world.

These 3D images are activated when using a so-called ‘marker’. Movements of the marker, and the image on top of the marker, are recognized by the camera, which then shows preprogrammed actions, that correspond with the movement and image, on screen. Users of the Optex AR tool were given several options, which could be selected by rotating the marker. Choosing a sensor, and enabling or disabling eco mode on the sensor were amongst the options. In addition was the size of the detection area adjustable by rotating the marker, and even testing the door was possible with the use of a dummy.

This tool provided in a fun and easy way, insight into the detection area, the door response when movement is detected, and what field of application suits these sensors best.

Now a mobile app is under development. By pointing the camera of your mobile device at the marker, an automatic door set, complete with sensor, appears. Similar to the fair app, you select the preferred sensor with accompanying, and option to enlarge, detection area and the option to switch the eco mode on or off. This mobile app will soon be launched. Do you want to know more about this mobile app? Keep a close eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.