29 June 2015

In close collaboration with agta record's head office, Optex has developed a special OEM version of the popular OA-Edge T revolving door security sensor. As such, the sensor, the RC-Swing, meets the specific requirements of the record and combines years of experience with record automatic doors with all of Optex' knowledge and experience in the field of security sensors.

The RC-Swing is connected via record's own CanBus protocol. This means easy installation takes centre stage and installation time is considerably reduced, as the implemented CanBus connection simplifies how the sensor or sensors are read into an automatic door system or systems. The main settings of the sensor can be directly adjusted via the record handheld terminal at the same time.

The collaboration between record and Optex is based on record's wish to be able to install a door sensor by means of CanBus communication. After an intensive development process, both companies are proud of the final result, enabling the market to fully benefit from the advantages of the RC-Swing.

* A CanBus (network) is a closed circuit to which various electronic components can be connected, which exchange information via digital messages. This renders traditional wiring, which normally operates every component individually, superfluous. Within the closed circuit of the CanBus network, the various components can communicate with each other and they can be controlled from a central point.