18 October 2013

New regulations had been a topic of debate for many years, until the end of last year, when the EN 16005 was officially announced and the introduction followed. Since April 10th, it is mandatory for all new installations to comply with these new regulations. At the time of the proclamation, the direct consequences/implications of the EN 16005 for the market were unclear. To make the proper adjustments the market needed time, which was given.

The six-month transition period, allowed the market for profound preparations, and to eliminate (most of their) uncertainties. During this time, several companies, Optex among others, lend a helping hand and discussed the topic with stakeholders; moreover did they provide information through a variety of tools. Professional organizations, such as ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) in England, too played a proactive role as they handed out so-called ‘guide lines’ to all ADSA members.

Meanwhile, six months have past since the world of automatic doors was turned upside down, and existing regulations, concerning user safety of automatic doors for person access, in escape routes and for automatic fire resistant doors, have been tightened and/or replaced. From what we have seen and heard, we can draw the conclusion that the EN 16005 has hugely impacted the market. Though some markets still search for the right interpretation of this new norm, it is an important theme everywhere.

Should there be questions regarding the EN 16005 from your market, or company, please do not hesitate to contact us; our specialists will be awaiting your call.

Finally. Monitored sensors are fundamental elements of the EN 16005, and many of you have successfully implemented the Optex T series of monitored sensors. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude, and thank you for your vote of confidence in our products!