20 September 2018

Proud to present and coming to the market soon is the Optex VVS-1. This intelligent sensor for automatic sliding door applications recognizes at what speed and in what direction pedestrians are moving and interprets the behavior of pedestrians accordingly to ensure a timely and comfortably opening of the automatic door. At the same time reduces the number of unneeded or too fast door openings.

Saving energy

The climate inside a building is disturbed every time a door opens, racking up the energy bill in order to restore the indoor temperature. Start saving energy right at the very entrance with the Optex VVS-1. This smart sensor decides when to open a door based on the direction, speed and number of people approaching. Cross traffic will be ignored. Adding smart decisions to the door can result in over 30% energy saving.


By recognizing direction and speed, the VVS-1 ensures a safe passageway for pedestrians as it opens and closes doors in a time frame that fits the moving pedestrian. Since VVS-1 only reacts when it detects pedestrians moving towards the door, the number of unwanted openings due to cross traffic is reduced significantly.

Visual & AIR sensor

The VVS-1 achieves the best balance of ‘safety’ and ‘peace of mind’ by combining the proven Active Infrared technology for safety with visual sensing technology for activation. The VVS-1 is in full compliance with EN 16005 regulations.


The VVS-1 comes with its own app. Important information for effective building management is now easily viewable on a handheld in one smart overview. The app keeps track of the following:

  • e-count: shows environmentally friendliness and the performance of VVS-One compared to conventional sensors. The higher the number, the more the VVS-One contributed to avoid unnecessary openings of the door;
  • Door entry: the number of times the door has opened and closed;
  • Cross traffic cancelation: show the reduced number of the opening cycle of the door compared to conventional sensors