21 August 2012

New European regulations FprEN16005 for ‘Power operated pedestrian door sets - Safety in use - Requirements and test methods’ have been approved during July 2012. A majority of CEN-countries have voted in favor of and declared to adapt this new European regulation.

After final ratification and a transition period, usually 6 months, this new European regulation will have an impact on all new installations of ‘Power operated pedestrian door sets’. As a result of the new European regulation for powered pedestrian doors they must be, among others, ‘safe in use’.

Our sensors play a big and important role in creating this safety, in combination with all other mandatory safety precautions and risk analysis that our partner automatic door manufacturers, distributors and installers must take in consideration also. We offer OPTEX sensors that comply with the existing DIN-18650-1:2010, DIN-18650-2:2010, EN12978+A1:2009, EN ISO13849-1:2008, EN ISO13849-2:2008, EN61496-3:2001 clause 4. 3. 5 and 5. 4. 7. 3, AutSchR (OAM- DUAL TV/TF Only) as well as the new final ratified version of the EN16005.