3 March 2016

New qualifications, more advantages and user friendly. Those are keywords that describe the OA-Presence TN, successor of the OA- Presence T, best. Instead of a function switch, a function button is now in place to confirm dipswitch settings; all it takes is a simple press on the button.

Because of this adjustment the OA-Presence TN setting and installation procedure is now in line with all our other EN 16005 compliant sensors. Furthermore, this sensor is equipped with two rows that each consist of 12 spots. This permits to broaden the detection area or to densify the detection area, according to the specific situation and site conditions.

Next to functional adjustments, the design of the OA-Presence TN is upgraded to match the appearance and size of other sensors in the Optex range. This makes the overall design of sensors appear the same, particularly when mounted to one operator. The OA-Presence TN will be available from stock in the colors Silver and Black.

Interested in this new sensor? Contact your sales representative for more information.