12 November 2010

We are proud to introduce our new safety sensor series for swing doors, called the OA-Edge.

Optex has developed the OA-Edge series as a logical step after having focused on safety and convenience for the sliding door market for many years. The growth of the swing door market worldwide and the increased demand for safety in use on this kind of doors gives Optex an interesting opportunity to proof the reliability and safety of their well known ‘Infrared Triangulation Technology’. The OA-Edge T line-up is especially developed to be in compliance with the preliminary European standard and some existing local regulations, such as the DIN-18650 in Germany.

The OA-Edge T line-up is tested and approved by the German notified body ‘TÜV’. The door installer is flexible in upgrading the safety with OA-Edge T by simply adding additional AIR-modules in the existing housings of various lengths. Next to that the ‘Master-Slave’ concept, the simplified installation handling, the ‘learn-mode’ button and the double-sided clear LED-indications make it a popular door-mounted safety sensor choice. The sensor is standard, from stock, available in Silver colour, optional available in Black colour. After extensive local tests, the OA-Edge series will start to sell from November 2010.

Please call or e-mail your OPTEX account-manager for more information.