15 August 2011

We are proud to announce that our new safety sensor series for swing doors, called the OA-Edge T is a great success. Many of our long time customers are now using the OA-Edge T and the feedback on field-tests and projects has been very positive.

The OA-Edge T offers safety around a swing door and is tested and approved by the German notified body ‘TÜV’ in compliance with the preliminary European standard and some existing local regulations, such as the DIN-18650 in Germany. The door installer is flexible in upgrading the safety with OA-Edge T by simply adding additional AIR modules in the existing housings of various lengths. Next to that the ‘Master-Slave’ concept, the simplified installation handling, the ‘learn-mode’ button and the double-sided clear LED indications make it a popular door-mounted safety sensor choice.

The sensor is standard, from stock, available in Silver colour, optional available in Black colour.

For more information please call or e-mail your Optex account-manager.