15 January 2008

The company Mira showers, based in the UK, was selected for the installation of their automatic pre-wash shower sy-stems in the new Beijing Olympic swimming complex, also named “Water Cube”, ahead of this year’s Olympic Games. The 100 million dollar blue plastic clad ‘Water Cube’ is the height of a 10-storey building and is the largest Olympic swimming centre ever built.

Each overhead shower panel uses a Rada Mono Control system signalled by an Optex OA-70C sensor to detect persons approaching the shower panel. The control system was tested by using a mock-up shower installation to optimise the coverage of the infrared beam, system timing and shower spray pattern before final installation at the natatorium.

There are 6 shower panels installed in the Olympic natatorium, each signalled by an Optex OA-70C.

Established over 80 years ago and recently acquired by Kohler Co, a leading American manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products, Mira Showers and Rada Controls are market leaders in their field.

Mira showers shows that Optex can provide activation and safety in a wide array of applications.