23 August 2018

Version 8.0 of our long-range award-winning LiDAR – the Redscan RLS-3060 series and its configuration software Redscan Manager are both now available. The laser sensor with the new firmware version, together with the new configuration software provide a number of new features for both the standard model, RLS-3060L, and the high-end model, RLS-3060SH.

Both models, the RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH will offer more flexibility in managing dry contacts with the option to switch from normally open (N.O.) to normally closed (N.C.).

The RLS-3060L model ver. 8.0 features more detection zones and detection modes as well as greater flexibility with settings. The standard 2D LiDAR provides 30m radius detection range with 4 detection zones when used in analogue configuration and 8 zones in IP configuration. Loitering and selectable pattern modes are now available. Alarm duration and detection time settings are also more adjustable.

The RLS-3060-SH provides additional detection modes to the L model, such as indoor ceiling protection and vehicle detection mode, and has one major new feature – an extended detection area between 30 and 50m. When used in horizontal detection it creates a pre-warning zone from 30 to 50m radius that is able to detect larger objects such as vehicles. In vertical mode when mounted at 3m off the ground, it can detect a standing or squatting person over 100m making it ideal to pick up intruders, a long wall or fence.

Rls 3060 visual with pre warning visual 01