21 August 2012

The ZC-1000 is the new Optex sensor based on time of flight technology. 20.000 points of 3D,X,Y,Z data are obtained calculating the distance and positionof an object using time of the light to reflect back to the retriever; a special designed CMOS imager to get a 3D range.

OPTEX has created the ZC-series ‘Time of Flight’ range image technology camera’s, suitable for various applications, such as detecting anti-tailgating, anti piggy-backing, direction, counting objects/people, securing objects/area’s, hand and finger (gesture) recognition, human tracking, etc. The most recent introduction of a ZC-series product, is a camera solution, especially developed for high security revolving doors. More special application products, for instance for immigration pass-ways, are under development.

One of the OPTEX strengths is the sunlight immunity, which is achieved by using optical filters and special signal processing. Even applications which are influenced by strong, direct sunlight are therefore very realistic to equip with the OPTEX ZC-series camera’s. Both our existing camera’s, wide and narrow field of view versions, are equipped with a USB connection. The latest version has an Ethernet connection. We can provide a USB driver and SDK for your PC interface, which allows you to develop your own application software on Visual C++ or other software. We’re open to sell you single samples and / or work together with you for special projects.

Please contact us on telephone number +31 70 4194100 or via e-mail on info@optex.eu.