1 September 2019

Introducing OPTEX WX Shield series, a new range of outdoor PIRs that offer panoramic 180° detection coverage and 12m/40ft radius to detect any intrusion around a residential or commercial building.

The four new models in the WX Shield series complement the existing WX Infinity series and are built upon OPTEX’s extensive track record in providing outstanding sensing performance for outdoor intruder detection applications, while the wide (180°) detection area coverage brings a feature that is ideal for protecting larger residential grounds and flat roofs.

The WX Shield series provides flexible range detection and settings, as well as a selectable low (0.8 - 1.2m) or high mount (2m) option. The sensors feature two completely independent 90 degrees detection areas with the flexibility to configure individually the settings, sensitivity level and triggering independent alarm outputs for the left and right areas. For instance, the left output can trigger for a simple awareness alarm while the right side output prompts CCTV camera system to set an event index.

WXS comprises two PIR models and two dual-tech models. The dual technology (available in WXS-DAM and WXS-RDAM) combines PIR and microwave technology which provides the ultimate stability in detection performance and is ideal for applications where strong sunlight hits the land or car headlights shine directly into the sensor.

WXS series is also equipped with self-learning IR and intelligent anti-masking. It detects covering objects on lens surface by utilising an internal active infrared system. Both emitting and receiving level of IR LED are optimised in real time to adapt to environmental conditions. This enables stable monitoring of the status of lens surface. The sensors are also equipped with the Shield advanced features including double conductive shielding to avoid false alarms triggered by bright sunlight or RFI, automatic walk test and 5-year warranty.