28 March 2019

OPTEX Europe Limited and Fiber SenSys Inc joining forces in Middle East

OPTEX Europe Limited and our sister company Fiber SenSys Inc will combine our resources in the Middle East from the 1st April 2019 under one single entity.

For over 10 years we have been developing our presence in the Middle East, delivering our intrusion detection sensors on some prestigious projects. Fiber Sensys Inc, the manufacturer of fibre optic fence intrusion systems, has had a strong presence in the region for many years, protecting the large perimeters of critical infrastructure sites.

By joining forces, the new entity – Fiber SenSys Inc Dubai Branch will provide customers with access to a much wider portfolio of products including all OPTEX intrusion detection sensors, people and vehicle sensors, as well as Fiber SenSys’ Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) and Compact Surveillance RADAR. The two security product lines are complementary and will provide customers with a multi-layered intrusion detection solution.

“Most security projects in the region require a combination of detection technologies to achieve the most secure and reliable level of security,” adds Gaurav Mahajan, Divisional Manager for OPTEX in the Middle East. “It’s fantastic that we can now provide our customers with fibre optic fence intrusion detection, surveillance RADAR, long range LiDARs, PIRs and beam towers.”

Starting next week, OPTEX Group’s will have a stronger local presence in the region; two sales representatives will be in Saudi Arabia and one in United Arab Emirates (UAE). For sales enquiries you can contact the team at SALES@Optex-Fsi.com, or each of the local branches on:

Dubai branch
Gaurav Mahajan
Tel: +971 (0)4 501 53 94

Saudi Arabia branch
Bassem Jouni
Tel: +966 0 535084140

The combined team will be on stand A25 at Intersec Saudi Arabia between 14th and 16th April 2019.

A peek at the now widely available WX Infinity

Our new 180°, 12m range outdoor PIR series, the WXI sensors provide two independent 90° detection areas, allowing us to determine which side of the sensor has been triggered. The detection distance ranges from 2.5m to 12m, and the sensitivity and the alarm output can be set up independently for the left and right area. For instance, the left output can trigger an alarm output while the right side triggers a CCTV camera.

OPTEX’s patented algorithm, Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic, enables the WXI motion sensors to distinguish between humans and small/medium size animals, eliminating the main cause of nuisance alarms. The selectable pulse count means the sensor sensitivity can be enhanced when the ambient temperature is high.

All WX Infinity models feature a back tamper panel to detect if anyone is attempting to move the sensor from the wall. The anti-masking models (WXI-AM/RAM) alert when any attempts are made to tamper with the lens.

The WXI is now widely available through our distribution partners across the whole Europe Middle East and Africa region and includes localised product datasheet and installation manuals. You can watch our colleague presenting the product.

Tech tip: Easy installation tips on the Shield series using our QR code

The multilingual quick installation guides provided with our sensors are useful but can prove difficult to navigate when you are onsite looking for certain information in a specific language.

In the last two years we have started introducing QR codes on the sensor’s label which provides you with a direct link to more comprehensive online manuals. The manuals are user friendly, allowing you to select different languages ranging from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. They also feature a number of troubleshooting guides.

The online manuals are currently available for the VX Shield series (VXS), BX-Shield series and WXI series. We are aiming to provide online multilingual manuals for every new product we are launching.

Not all our sensors have the manuals available online via a QR code, but this is something we are working on continuously to improve. For these products you can download a manual as a pdf from our website

If you need any additional support during your installation you can contact our technical team by calling +44 1628 631 000 or submitting a technical request form via our website.

Thank you for using our products. We welcome any feedback you may have about them.