31 May 2017

SL-TNR series – a new wireless and hybrid active beam set for straightforward point-to-point applications

The new SL-TNRs are entry-level wireless active infrared (IR) beams suited for straightforward residential and commercial perimeter protection applications. To give installers and end-users maximum flexibility, the series has been designed with a variety of power options in mind, ranging from long-lasting high lithium batteries to universal CR123 batteries, while it can also be partly hardwired. The new series also marks OPTEX’s first wireless IR beam that can be powered by standard universal CR123 batteries, and the SL-TNR-CRH model includes the necessary battery-holders for this.

Built to sustain harsh weather conditions, the new series features anti-frost cover and IP65 weather protection. An in-built magnifier lens eases the alignment between receiver and transmitter and the high-grade aspherical lenses guarantees a strong performance. Additionally, access to the batteries is completed by removing the front cover, ensuring their replacement is quick and easy. This is a simple procedure that eliminates the risk of altering alignment. The low battery signal is communicated between receiver and transmitter using an infrared communication link.

The SL-TNR includes four models (each linked to the product page)

  • SL-100TNR: 30m battery-powered/hybrid beam set
  • SL-100TNR-CRH: 30m battery-powered/hybrid beam set with CR123 battery-holders (batteries not included)
  • SL-200TNR: 60m battery-powered/hybrid beam set
  • SL-200TNR-CRH: 60m battery-powered/hybrid beam set with CR123 battery-holders (batteries not included)

All our wireless IR beams can accommodate most wireless transmitters available on the market. Some can be purchased directly via OPTEX distribution channel, such as the BGR-01 that is pre-configured to work with Ricochet® enabled alarm panels and the Inovonics EE1216.

You can download the SL-TNR datasheet here.

Don’t miss our people counting webinar, 9 June

To be profitable and grow, it is important for business managers and owners to understand their customers’ flow and habits – aiding them to schedule their employees better and make well-informed decisions. Accurate people counting and dashboards show a clear representation of patterns and conversion rates, and can provide businesses with the insights they need to plan and organise their activity better.

Our sensor is a dedicated, real time and multi-directional people counting sensor that provides up to 98% accuracy. Combined with the analytics software provided by Xenometric, it creates an easy-to-install and accurate people counting solution. To find out more how this solution could help your customers, join us for a 30-minute webinar presented jointly by OPTEX and Xenometric. It will provide you with an overview of the solution and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Register here for our webinar on Friday the 9 June at 1pm GMT.

If you can’t join the webinar but wish to receive a recording of it or get more information about our people counting please contact us here.

People counting webinar

IFSEC preview: from perimeter protection and time of flight technology to wireless sensors for IoT applications

IFSEC will take place from 20-22 June and the OPTEX EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) team will be delighted to meet you on stand. A number of live demos will be showcased representing five key security scenarios. In one zone, our CPNI-approved fibre optic sensors and our long-range laser sensors will be integrated with the Gemos PSIM platform, which can trigger a drone streaming video back to the control room.

In a second zone, we will be showing our time of flight technology to allow visitors to gain a better understanding of its capabilities. It is used in our tailgating detection but could also be used for object protection.

Our REDSCAN RLS-2020 will also be on the stand, showing delegates its ability to protect assets and detect people jumping over turnstiles or climbing through skylights. It is already proven in identifying small objects or thrown objects being smuggled into restricted areas.

For commercial and residential security, we will be demonstrating our new SL-TNR infrared beam series as well as our new range of pre-built beam towers.

The last zone will include live demonstrations showing how OPTEX’s wireless outdoor sensors, including its new VX Shield series, are ideally suited to IoT applications, sending alarms and other data via the cloud to a smartphone, or to a remote monitoring station.

Our management, sales, technical and marketing teams will be at the show, if you wish to book an appointment with us contact us here.

You can register for free to IFSEC here