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    September 2019

    September 2019 EMEA Newsletter

    Discover this month the advantages of our pre-built beam towers, assembled and tested by our trained technicians. We also bring you an easy guide to our fibre optic cable sensors, and our tech team explain that many of our intrusion sensors can be customised but it has to be done a certain way.

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    August 2019

    August 2019 EMEA Security Newsletter

    We are proud to announce that The OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge has won the award for Site Protection (Hardware) category. This month we are also officially presenting our new 180 degree sensor WX Shield and our tech team share recommendations for the correct powering of RLS-2020.

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    July 2019

    July 2019 EMEA Security Newsletter

    This month we bring you the new release for RLS-2020, version 3.0, which is adding an extended detection mode to the RLS-2020S model. Watch the Let them run wild video for OPTEX’s sensors pet tolerance, and our tech team explain how to achieve the perfect beam alignment by measuring the voltage.

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    June 2019

    June 2019 EMEA Security Newsletter

    In this issue we proudly present you VXI-CMOD, a wireless HD camera module that brings visual verification to intrusion detection. We cover the advantages of OPTEX vehicle detector ViiK series and on the tech section the focus is on the product certification training for the Redscan series.

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    May 2019

    May 2019 EMEA Security Newsletter

    As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary we interview our CEO and President of OPTEX Japan, Toru Kamimura, about the history and the future of the company. We also cover in this issue outdoor gate and turnstiles protection and how to test your Redscan is Grade 3 compliant.