23 March 2017

We have recently announced the extention of our 20x20m laser scanner range by launching the REDSCAN RLS-2020S model. The S-model features an enhanced microprocessor that provides more powerful sensing capabilities. In indoor environments, it can be set up to identify fast-moving objects up to 16.2kph on straight vertical walls or 45kph using a 30 degree detection angle; and it can identify objects as small as 2.5cm in diameter. This level of detection ensures high security environments such as airports, government buildings and data centres can achieve better sensing results.

The sensor is PoE compliant and can send alarms via traditional relay outputs or by using its IP-based Redwall event code that is integrated with all major VMS platforms.

The more powerful processor also enables the RLS-2020S to be deployed in outdoor environments, and it has a number of environmental resistance features to further minimise false alarms in all kinds of testing weather conditions.

For both the RLS-2020I and the RLS-2020S, OPTEX’s REDSCAN MANAGER software gives users the ability to configure their sensors so that specific environments are taken into consideration; also it allows users to select precise detection areas that can be set for different times of the day, and with the option to set a specific size or speed of object to be detected.

To sell or install the REDSCAN laser scanner companies need to be certified; to find out more about the certification program, please contact us here.