Product Details

Accurance OV-102 is an anti-tailgating system with human tracking technology and direction-determining capability, for multiple applications. The sensor provides various levels of action in case of tailgating, including “alert/deterrence,” “deterrence/simplified prevention” and “prevention,” according to the security levels customers demand and the situation. The system offers various advanced features, including the Escort Function, which allows entry of a visitor who does not have the authorised credentials needed to enter the secured area, and the external output of images obtained by a detection unit.

The system includes a detection unit OV-102S(E) and a control box OV-102CB(E).


Tailgating entry: Generate output when unauthorised person follows authorised person and pass detection line A(pink line) -> detection line B(blue line).

Optex ov 102 tailgating scenario

Note: Another set of the system is required for two way entry.

Cross entry: Generate output for unauthorised person entry when authorised person exits.

Optex ov 102 cross entry scenario

Multiple detection: Generate multiple detection output when multiple people stay in the detection area.

Optex ov 102 multiple detection scenario


Installation environments vary in terms of layout, type of doors, and illumination arrangements. The OV-102 Series features highly flexible area settings and a “door cancel” function, enabling consumers to construct a security system without constraints.

  • Door cancel function
    Ignore door movement on installation side of detection unit.
  • Workability
    Install on existing door
  • Detection area adjustability
    Detection area can be adjusted after installation of detection unit.
  • Sensitivity adjustability
    Sensitivity can be adjusted after installation