Oam Dual Oe

Product Details

The Optex OAM-Dual series is the new sensor standard for use on sliding doors based on a combination of active infrared technology and microwave. The OAM-Dual series provide safety around the door and through the threshold and at the same time the redundant microwave makes sure that a comfortable opening is guaranteed at all times.

The OAM-Dual serie of products are in compliance with the latest European and local regulations as EN 16005 and DIN 18650:2010, safety tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV.

The microwave activation part of the OAM-Dual series is redundant and therefore can be used on escape routes.

Safety/Lookback function

The active infrared presence detection offers 2 rows of safety in front of the threshold which can be set very accurately and can be moved 6° towards or away from the door. As an additional safety functionality the OAM-Dual provides an extra row of presence detection that looks into the threshold. This row will be automatically shut off when the complete presence detection area is cleared and as soon as the doors start to close. The installation of safety beams is no longer mandatory. The Optex OAM-Dual series is safety tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV in compliance with the German DIN 18650:2010 and the European Norm EN 16005.

Motion Detection

The large microwave motion detection area provides fast detection for any traffic, approaching from any angle, which allows the door to open conveniently. The presence and motion detection areas can be adjusted independently. By selecting a dipswitch the active infrared detection area can be set to safety only or to safety and activation. The uni-directional function allows the door to close faster when traffic is moving away from the door, this will contribute to significant energy saving.

Escape routes

The OAM-Dual TV (Voltage), TF (Frequency) and TT versions are equipped with a monitored activation output for the use in escape routes in compliance with DIN 18650:2010, EN 16005 and AutSchR.

Easy installation

Installation time can be reduced to a minimum by using easily set switches and shutters, therefor the sensor can be quickly adjusted for many different applications. To adjust the presence detection area the use of an Optex Infraredfinder is recommended.


Optex automatic door sensors guarantee premium performance and include a 3-year full replacement warranty.

Functionality Activation Safety

Opening Size Medium