SW1 types 1024x500

Product Details

The SW-1/SW-2 switch is ideal for use when an efficient flow through automatic doors is desired. The switch can be kicked and hit with the elbows, feet or material that is being carried, in order to activate the door quickly.


The SW-1/SW-2 switch has been especially designed for situations in which the user’s hands have to be kept free for other business. It can be used in order to open or close automatic doors. The robust design and the stainless steel material make this switch suitable for heavy duty use. It is even resistant to vandalism. This switch can even be kicked and hit to activate the door.


The switch is available in two modells and is mat polished stainless steel. With its robust design it is resistent to extreme heavy use and therefore as well water proof and maintence free.

All conditions

The SW-1/SW-2 switch is ideal for use when an efficient flow through doors is desired. For example in hospitals, industry, catering compnies, storage places, hotels and sportschools. The switch can be mounted at every place thinkable, as for instance, the window frame, door or wall.


The mechanical part is able to process about 2 million switches, and the operating temperature is -40 to +85°C. The electronical part of the push button has been developed waterproof, which makes it is dust- and waterproof as well (IP 67). Therefore, applications outside will be no problem.