Optex Bgr 01 Accessories 165Px

Product Details

Pre-configured Ricochet enabled wireless module to connect battery powered OPTEX outdoor sensors onto the Ricochet Premier Elite panel.

A Ricochet wireless module, the BGR-01, has been designed to connect any OPTEX outdoor battery-powered PIRs and active infrared beams to a Ricochet Premier Elite alarm panel, ver. 3.01 or higher. The panel will recognise the OPTEX sensors by model as soon as they are connected. The BGR-01 module fits inside the sensor's backbox and comes with the battery (CR123A) and all necessary cables required to connect it to the sensor.

For wireless connectivity, detailed programming and system set-up instructions, please refer to the compatible RICOCHET technology enabled premier Elite Wireless Expander Instructions.

For wireless connectivity, detailed programming and system set-up instructions please refer to the compatible RICOCHET™ technology enabled Premier Elite wireless expander instructions.

Featuring RICOCHET™ wireless technology, the BGR-01 is designed for Optex battery powered devices for professional security installations.

When using the BGR-01 on an Entry/Exit route, or where chime is required, the device attributes should be set to “Always Awake”.

Please see the Premier Elite 8XP-W/32XP-W Installation Manual for details of how to change the device attributes

For wiring and installation instructions refer to OPTEX device manual. The supplied wiring loom may not be required for some OPTEX devices, in this case use (the supplied) device wiring loom.

Active Beams can use either one or two Ricochet BGR-01