Pt 3 S Oe

Product Details


  • Ø2.5mm spot measurement
  • analogue output
  • normal & max hold function
  • pen type, light-weight
  • LED spot marker and audible focussing guide
  • continuous measuring mode
  • auto power off


Ø2.5mm spot measurement

Minimum spot size Φ2.5mm of heat is measured.
You can get measurement with pressing the measure button.


LED spot marker and audible focusing guide

The best focus of Φ2.5mm spot is lighten up with LED when the marker looks clearest in the measuring distance of 25mm.
Consecutive tone also guides you to optimum focus and distance.


continuous measuring mode

This mode is ideal for continuous monitoring without pressing the Measure button.
After pressing the Measure button to turn on, the display is given continuously as well as analogue output comes.

Analogue output

Analogue output terminal offers 1mV/ºC output. An exclusive analogue output cable is equipped as the standard accessory.


auto power off

With releasing the measure button, display is hold and auto off after 10 seconds.

pen type, light weight

compact size, easy to carry. 120g in weight


Product Discontinued