A number of solar farms on remote sites with perimeters of approximately 2.5km needed protection to prevent the solar panels from being stolen or damaged.

The challenge was to provide perimeter protection using a curtain of detectors linked to remote video and alarm monitoring. The owner wanted an overall solution that was quick and easy to install, price competitive, and with easy and quick alignment with Area View Finder which is an optional detection area adjustment tool. The installer had used alternative PIR technologies in the past but switched to REDWALL SIP due to the excellent capture performance of the SIP compared to alternative brands that produced too many false alarms and were difficult to align.

25 REDWALL SIP-100 units were specified per site to cover the perimeter using a networked CCTV system, with three alarm outputs per detector for precise camera identification. The SIP was chosen because of its unique features including area masking, built-in creep zone, detection range selector and unique REDWALL PIR sensitivity algorithm. The REDWALL 404/5 sensors are specifically designed for use in smallto medium-sized external areas. Rugged and durable construction and reliable operation make them ideal for use as motion sensors in remotely monitored CCTV applications where Preset Dome cameras are to be used. The areas of coverage have been designed to match common fixed camera and lens combinations.

Optex redwall Solar Farm
OPTEX NEW Catalogue 2021 Optex Perimeter protection and intrusion detection Catalogue 2021 EN