IAconnects integrates with OPTEX's Akribos people counter to monitor the occupancy status in any office or commercial building including retail outlets with the option to display the instruction on a third-party screen and to integrate with other devices (traffic light, door, booking / office management systems).

The solution comprises our OPTEX people counting sensor VC-1020, WiFi Gateway including IAconnects MobiusFlow software and display units mounted by the doors. A web-based dashboard also provides an instant overview of the overall building status. The new solutions from IAconnects respond to the social distancing requirements as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic and help businesses manage occupancy levels.

Iaconnect optex people counting solution visual

The Social Distancing Room Management solution monitors the people count and prevents overcrowding of the office communal areas such as toilets, pantry and meeting areas. The system informs via a wall-mount display unit whether occupany level is acceptable for the individual to access a particular area or advises of 'no entry' if the occupancy limit has been reached. An alert can be set to 'requires cleaning' status can also be set to alert building maintenance once the people flow count reaches a certain limit. As part of the smart building integration a web-based dashboard is available to provide an instant overview of the overall building status.

Compatibility with Akribos and Software information

SoftwareCloud optionTransfer protocolsReal time (MQTT)Digital I/OMaximum countersData AccessibilityReportingAccess Control ScreenOther outputs / Alerts
MobiusFlow® Software (embedded in the Gateway)YesMQTTYesYesunlimited
(depending on connectivity)
configurable, (historic data can be stored in SQL database, local storage available on the gateway, many other options available) dashboards, scheduling reportsYes for social distancing room management solutions, for larger projects please contact manufacturerintegration with multiple protocols used in Building Management Software

IAconnects Company profile

IAconnects realises business benefits for industry by providing sensors, connectivity, control devices and software for delivering value with the Internet of Things (IoT). They facilitate efficient operation by enabling secure data from sensors and controllers either stored locally or in the cloud to provide intelligent diagnostics, analytics and control, resulting in optimum savings for the operator. IAconnects' ecosystem allows non-manufacturer specific sensors and control devices to be connected, managed and controlled via the cloud and / or local browsers using their own MobiusFlow® configuration and commissioning solution.