Add the benefits of OPTEX’s battery-operated sensors to wireless alarm panels

OPTEX wireless security systems provide a convenient and time-effective way to secure premises. Whatever the wireless panel manufacturer used, there is the opportunity to leverage with the quality and reliability of OPTEX intrusion detection sensors and create an early detection system.

Our low-current battery-operated intrusion detectors feature the same intelligent detection technology as our wired models, maintaining the same performance. They have been designed to work with and accommodate most wireless transmitters available on the market.

The communication with the alarm panel can be conventional, where the detector transmits standard alarm information to the panel; it can be an integrated uni-directional communication where more information is transmitted to the panel or bi-directional, where the sensor is also able to receive information allowing device settings to be adjusted dynamically.

    Integrated uni-directional communication

    Optex detectors uni directional wireless integration

    A number of control panel manufacturers have dedicated transmitters preconfigured for connecting OPTEX battery-operated sensors in order to send more event information to the control panel. Such integration enables to report alarm, tamper or trouble signals. Click here to view the list of OPTEX wireless sensors.

    Integrated bi-directional communication

    Optex detectors bi directional communication wxs vxs qxi bxs wxi

    A wide range of OPTEX battery-operated sensors support a bi-directional communication protocol that can be integrated by wireless alarm panel manufacturers to enable a dynamic security system. The key benefit of the two-way integration is the sensor's settings can be modified remotely by the user depending on the situation and environment, for instance adjusting the sensor’s sensitivity or switching the battery saving mode. Find out more about OPTEX sensors that allow bi-directional communication.

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