Adding video to ‘blind’ monitored alarm systems is what the OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution does. It simply requires the installation of an IP gateway - The OPTEX Bridge - on site, followed by connection to the Cloud portal and to a participating ARC.

The OPTEX Bridge enables indoor/outdoor intrusion sensors or panic buttons to be paired with IP cameras and securely sends the video to the Portal that, in turn, is connected with the ARC.

The new 12-Channel Bridge, the CKB-312, complements the existing four-channel device and enables up to 12 ONVIF compliant cameras and alarm devices to be managed through a single device. While the number of Bridge devices on site is not limited, it gives more flexibility to customers to have the choice of two models.

Additionally, the 12-Channel Bridge features four relay outputs that can be used to connect to additional systems and trigger a number of actions. Customers can use them to issue voice warnings via a speaker, to trigger the opening of a gate when the person on site has been visually verified. It can also be used to trigger lights. In some retail applications, customers have connected the Bridge to a smoke cloak in case of burglary.

The OPTEX Visual Verification solution delivers an easy-to-install and cost-effective visual verification solution. It allows a stronger collaboration between the ARCs and the home/business owners by having the ability to share video clips within seconds to confirm or disregard the alarms. The alarm handling is recorded in a clear audit trail within the monitoring software, making it clear and transparent for the operators and the customers.

The unique Privacy feature, when enabled by the customer, will replace people with avatars in the video footage. Only the customer has the right to lift the privacy feature to allow the operator to see the actual footage.

The 12-Channel Bridge shares the same key features as the 4 channel one such as:

    • Supports 12 ONVIF and RTSP compliant camera and NVR/DVR
    • Is programmable via the installer mobile App
    • Offers programmable arming and disarming
    • Provides System Health Check – the Bridge itself and the IP devices connected to it are monitored
    • Features line level output for remote talk-down capability
    • Is equipped with SSL encryption for secure communication with the Cloud