6 March 2023

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Modern logistics and distribution centres are unique environments, and they’re only getting bigger. Being able to efficiently monitor such large premises requires security technologies that can quickly and accurately locate the point of intrusion, which can be particularly challenging in such busy environments and with 24/7 operations.

Effective security management of logistics facilities requires superior technologies that can reliably alert and anticipate potential threats, as well as provide context for security teams to take appropriate action. Sensing technologies can effectively solve this challenge and have been successfully deployed in many logistics environments across EMEA.

Optex logistics exterior

One step ahead with LiDAR

LiDAR technology offers the highest level of detection accuracy and is a versatile security solution which can be used both indoor and out. Mounted horizontally, 2D LiDARs can protect roof tops, skylights and open areas (e.g. sterile zones). Mounted vertically, they can be utilised to protect the building boundaries, storage areas and areas containing high value or restricted use goods. LiDARs can be seamlessly integrated with CCTV and access control systems to guarantee everyone in the restricted area is pre-authorised. Mounted at existing structures like building facades, LiDAR sensors can accurately be oriented to, and detect only at, the fence line, avoiding this way any installation works at the perimeter.

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