3 April 2024 - Dale Jones

Featured in: OPTEX in the news, Intrusion detection

As with any security solution, protection – whether that be protection of property, people, possessions, or all of these and more – is the name of the game. No matter the site or environment, whether it’s a residential property in the British countryside, a data centre out of town or an international airport in the heart of a city, the perimeter represents the first line of defence against unwanted or unauthorised intrusion. Crucially, early detection of an intrusion or anticipation of a potential threat allows for a faster response time, and in turn increases the chances to deter any attempts of theft and damage, minimising disruption, which is why it is critical to get it right when it comes to intrusion detection technologies.

Fundamentally, an effective perimeter protection system needs to be highly accurate and reliable, with the ability to not only detection intrusion, but also to distinguish genuine alarms and triggers from false and nuisance ones.

Optex redscan pro redscan mini pro perimeter gate 1

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