Product Details

The Optex Mirage is the optimal choice as an active infrared recessed mounted sensor. The sensor is designed to be installed in the header of the door operator or as a built in ceiling mount sensor. The Optex Mirage offers you both safety and activation on all types of automatic doors. It combines easy adjustable settings, providing maximum safety in a wide array of applications.

Easy installation

The Optex Mirage is simple to install. All the settings are mechanically adjustable with dipswitch and levers. The smart design makes that the engineer can easily reach the sensor in case adjustment of a setting is necessary.


Safety is assured by the two rows of presence detection closest to the door. The sensor detects a person or object and holds the door open as long as they are near the threshold area, even if they stop or pause. Of course the Optex Mirage can also be used as presence detection sensor only, for example as a rear edge safety sensor.


The Optex Mirage is designed for installation in the header of the door operator or as a ceiling mount sensor. Due to its recessed mounted design and the 2 rows of presence detection, this sensor is an elegant and safe solution for installation in the ceiling of curved doors.

All conditions

Snow mode and variable sensitivity adjustments make this sensor suitable for every application and even extreme weather conditions.


Optex automatic door sensors guarantee premium performance and include a 3-year full replacement warranty.

Functionality Activation Safety Combination

Opening Size Small Medium