Product Details

The OPTEX OA-4500 is an activation and safety sensor, based on active infrared. Suitable for industrial and commercial doors, with a maximum mounting height up to 4,5 meter.

Activation and safety

The OA-4500 door sensor is based on active infrared technology. This ensures a timely opening, prevents an early closing, and stimulates a smooth flow of persons and vehicles.

The sensor creates safety around the door by detecting moving and stationary persons and objects during the set presence time.

Detection area

To ensure comfortable opening and safe detection, the OA-4500 is equipped with five rows of active infrared, each with 12 spots. These are adjustable both in-depth and in width.


Easy to set dip switches to minimize installation time. For added installation convenience, we recommend the OPTEX Infrared Finder as a tool to layout the active infrared field.


  • Overhead doors
  • Folding doors
  • Sectional doors
  • High speed roll-up doors
  • High speed sliding doors
  • Warehouse doors
  • Warehouse doors


  • Active Infrared

Functionality Activation Safety

Opening Size Large