Product Details

The Optex OA-Flex T is the new door sensor standard for use on automatic sliding doors. The OA-Flex T combines activation and safety functions into one sensor based on the Optex full active infrared technology. The sensor has also a unique “bluezone” lookback function that offers additional safety in the threshold.

The OA-Flex T is in compliance with the latest European regulation EN 16005 and is tested and approved by the German test organisation TÜV. By activating the “bluezone” the OA-Flex T offers extra safety even beyond the EN 16005 requirements.

For special hospital and kitchen applications there is a touchless pushbutton version available: the OA-Flex AIR T.


The Optex OA-Flex series are purely based on active infrared technique, combining activation and safety into one sensor. By using the unique Optex presence detection technique the OA-Flex series provides maximum safety around the threshold and offers at the same time a large motion detection area for door activation.

Bluezone safety

The presence detection area in the OA-Flex T consist of three rows, two rows in front of the door and one additional bluezone row looks into the threshold.
As soon as the doors start to open the bluezone becomes active and add an additional row of active infrared. All three rows will be active when someone or something is within the threshold area as long as the presence timer is set. When the area is safe the doors will start to close again. The bluezone recognizes the door movement and will automatically shut off.

Pushbutton activation function

The special OA-Flex T AIR version offers one narrow activation zone. By marking this zone on the doors or the wall next to the door this zone can be used as a touchless switch. As soon as the sensor is activated all rows become active and the sensor will work as regular OA-Flex T offering adjustable activation zones and full door safety.

Easy adjustment

Installation time can be reduced to a minimum by using easily set switches and trimmers, therefor the sensor can be quickly adjusted for many different applications. To adjust the presence detection area.


Optex automatic door sensors guarantee premium performance and include a 3-year full replacement warranty.

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