Product Details

The OAM-Dual II is an activation and safety sensor based on radar and active infrared. Suitable for industrial and commercial doors up to 3.5 meters high.

Activation and safety

The radar technology ensures a timely opening, the active infrared technology prevents a premature closing and together they result in a smooth flow of persons and vehicles through the door. The sensor creates safety in and around the threshold by detecting moving and stationary persons and objects during the set presence time. The BLUEZONE technology ensures that even behind the threshold the door is protected.

Detection area

To ensure comfortable and safe detection, the OAM-Dual II is equipped with three rows of active infrared, each with 12 spots. A wider and deeper radar field is laid on top of this for early activation. Both the radar and the active infrared are adjustable in depth and width.


Installation time is minimized by easy-to-setup dip switches. For extra ease of installation and mapping of the active infrared field, we recommend the OPTEX Infrared Finder as a tool.


  • Overhead doors
  • Folding doors
  • Sectional doors
  • High-speed roll-up doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Warehouse doors


  • Active infrared
  • Radar technology

Functionality Combination

Opening Size Medium