Product Details

The new OAM-Explorer for industrial doors is future proof with its own app to safely install the sensor. This sensor ignores cross traffic in the detection area which contributes to energy saving.

Large detection area

Mounted maximum 6 meters from the floor, the OAM-Explorer has a large microwave detection area for speedy activation and an active infrared presence detection area to guarantee safe passage.

Future ready

The OAM-Explorer is easily installed using the accompanying smartphone app and the integrated BLE module making it possible to communicate via a cloud system, prior to receiving technical support. Its ability to ignore cross traffic adds to energy saving. The additional, expected to arrive, OU-1 module enables wireless communication to other devices such as a flashing light or a sounder.


• app for installation
• energy saving
• ignores human traffic
• mount up to 6 meters
• large detection area
• easy adjustment
• IP65 & operating temperature -35 °C +55 °C

Online manual

Use the online manual for easy installation and usage.

Product videos

Functionality Activation Safety

Opening Size Large