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The remote controls are very suitable for wireless control of automatic entrances. The transmitters have an individual coding, which has been preprogrammed. This makes every transmitter unique. Next to this fixed coding, it is possible to set a second coding which can be used as a group coding.


The transmitters are available in 3 versions: keychain, mini and midi. They can control from 1 up to 8 functions simultaneously and have a clip or ring to attach to your belt or keychain. Special transmitters (such as truck transmitters) available upon request.


All receivers can be taught the group signal, individual signal or both, with a minimum of 10 different transmitter groups. The receivers are available in a IP65 housing, a DIN rail version or a pluggable version. Special versions to fit into your equipment upon request.


All remote control products are compatible with our push button TX-460, and the pluggable receiver, RX-460.