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Product Details

The SW-1/SW-2 push switch can be used to open or close automatic doors in multiple environments. The switch can be applied as a push button, elbow switch or even as a heavy-duty foot switch in rough environments.

Elegant and robust design

The elegant appearance makes the switch ideal for higher design standards. At the same time it is suitable for extreme heavy use, waterproof, maintenance free and resistant to vandalism.

This push button has a mat polished stainless-steel finish and is available in two models/sizes.


The switch can be mounted and used in indoor and outdoor. Due to the built in IP-66 heavy duty switch the SW-1/SW-2 can also be used in extreme environments like professional kitchens, hospitals or in the industry, even high-pressure washing will not have an effect the performance of the switch. The switch is also suitable for hotels, offices, gyms, public buildings and many other locations.


The switch is designed to process millions of activations. The metal parts are all stainless steel, and the visible part has a matt 304 finish. The operating temperature is -40 to +85°C. The electronical part of the push button is IP-66 (dust- and waterproof), which makes it ideal for outdoor applications.