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Product Details

The Optex TX-460 wireless push button and RX-460 receiver are the right solution for installation at existing sites and in new installations. No more grinding of walls or visible cables. Just plug and play.

Easy installation receiver

Just plug and play. The small receiver and antenna are suitable for any type of automatic door gear. Each receiver can be controlled by multiple push buttons and is compatible with several other models of radio transmitters. Self learning; just push the “learning mode” button and the wireless push button at the same time and the unique code is set. The receiver can also be programmed with a toggle function.

Easy installation push button

Just drill two holes and screw the push button onto the wall. No more grinding or cables to connect. Set the dipswitches and your installation is finished.


The Wireless push button is available in the colour silver metallic. The compact design makes the push button suitable for all installations. The rigid synthetic housing makes it less susceptible to vandalism. Stickers with symbols or text are available as an option.

All conditions

Our long experience and co-operation with one of the biggest suppliers of industrial remote controls enables us to guarantee optimum operation under all conditions. System range inside buildings is guaranteed up to 10 metres, even with various steel constructions, concrete walls and other obstructions.

OEM Specials

Optex is able to provide suitable OEM solutions, such as plug-in receivers for installation in your own control unit. Transmitters are available with a printed logo or in a special design.


The TX-460 and RX-460 have an extremely low failure rate and a 1-year warranty. Optex transmitters and receivers comply with ALL local and European official standards. Certificates are available on request.