Factory Automation Sensors

Using industrial sensors for quality management is vital to the automation and increased quality of production lines. Optex’s product line up of industrial sensors, classified according to application, prevent product loss due to quality defects as well as upgrading quality management and provide strong support to heighten productivity at production sites.

“Compact with the highest level of detection accuracy”

Optex’s industrial photoelectric sensors, displacement sensors, vision sensors, and LED lighting for machine vision contribute to quality management on production lines in a wide range of industries such as electronic components manufacturers, automobile production and logistics facilities. Optex provides products with high value that balance compatibility with FA equipment and implementation costs while maintaining minimal size and weight together with high detection accuracy. Optex industrial sensors can be applied to production line requirements, including the detection of presence or absence of objects, measurement of the amount of displacement in height, thickness, warpage and distortion and image processing of shape, color and printing inspections to high-end testing equipment such as 3D image inspections that speedily and accurately inspect surface shapes.

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